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Henritours was established by Hung Do a young Vietnamese who, being fluent in English has, since 2003 been guiding English speaking travelers around his homeland. Whilst working for one of Indochina's leading tour companies he specialized in personal guiding and has won awards from Audley Travel, UK and AWT USA both of  worldwide renown in the travel industry.

Our mission is to explore a still largely undiscovered Vietnam with discerning travelers who want a more personalized service.

We are a privately owned local tour operator and not an agent.
We care that our clients are safe, secure and happy at all times. Our reputation depends upon it.
We are friendly and knowledgeable.
We only offer the highest standards of care.
We 'cherry pick' only the best local hotels and services for our clients by utilizing our local knowledge.


You can spend as long as you like on the places and things you like.
You can avoid those you don't like. You decide, not 'the group'.
You can travel at your own pace.
You can get as 'up close and personal' with those people you want to visit.
You can get off the beaten track....safely.

There are many wonderful areas of Vietnam, with stunning scenery and diverse cultures. In some areas the village people have met Westerners only rarely and are still fascinated by them. They live their lives in the old traditional way and to natures time. The country is fast emerging from the aftermath of war and progress is swift. Many of the old ways are fast disappearing and are to be found only in the more remote areas. A personal guide who speaks both Vietnamese and excellent English can open doors which would never be possible for a group tour. Not only can they find out about 'happenings' such as marriages and funerals but you are likely to be invited in and included by the very friendly Vietnamese.

The time and effort saved in achieving exactly what YOU want from your holiday, can more than make up any additional costs.  

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