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Buon Ma Thuot

The Central Highlands of Vietnam boast beautiful natural features such as relatively untouched forests, waterfalls and spectacular scenery, which contrast with areas still bearing the savage scars of war. This are is inhabited by a large number of ethnic minority groups, still living the traditional lifestyle. These tribes can be visited around Kontum, Pleiku, Buon ma thuot, and Da lat

The highland region becomes a torrent of water in the monsoon season attaining some of the heaviest rain falls in all of Vietnam. During the summer season, Dalat becomes a popular destination as its high altitude offers a slightly cooler temperature than the almost unbearable humid heat of the southern plains. This combined with its proximity to Ho Chi Minh City has made of the epicenters of bizarre domestic tourism.

This section follows a route for those who enjoy getting off the beaten tracks. It is quite easy to include this detour as a circuit from the coast leaving and returning from either Qui Nhon or Nha Trang, with a separate excursion required to reach Dalat from Phan Rang or Ho chi Minh City. You will need to allow enough time for the roads that ca be quite a workout on the kidneys, especially from Buon Ma Thuot to Nha Trang. The hilly landscape is also an open invitation for the local buses to break down. Two weeks would allow ample time to explore this historically significant are of Vietnam, whilst one week will present you with the bare essentials of the region. 

Buon Ma Thuot high lights

Like Kontum and Pleiku, the main attraction of Buon Ma Thuot is not in the town itself but in the surrounding area. There are numerous ethnic minority villages and also some spectacular waterfalls, all of which are within day trip distances.Although on the Central Highlands, Buon Ma Thuot is at a lower altitude than Dalat at 451 m, so does not necessarily offer the same escape from the hot weather.

Ede Minority Hilltribe
highland vietnam, vietnam highland, image of minority people, vietnam people, vietnam lakes, lak lakeThe Ede tribe (or Rhode) make the trip to Buon ma Thuot worthwhile. The tribe is primarily matriarchal. The women own the property and after marriage the man must move in with the woman's family whose house is extended to accommodate them. The houses of the Ede tribes are long (up to 30 m) and thin (4 m). Each time there is a wedding in the family, the houses is extended like carriages of a train. Each section can be closed off and has its own door and kitchen. The houses are also on stilts and under the house they store wood, food and even livestock.The Ede tribe have a different ceremony for their dead from the Bahnar at Pleiku. They bury the deceased just below the surface of the ground so that the spirit can fly to the heavens. Around the grave they keep wooden carvings of elephant tusks and on four pillars built around the grave they have four birds to protect the dead. The Ede tribe practice animistic beliefs. 
Hill tribe museum
There is a very interesting Hill Tribe museum at No. 1 Doc Lap street. It shows some of the local equipment the Ede tribe use to hunt elephants. The museum also gives valuable information about the culture of the tribe.

Lak lake
Lak Lake is situated 50 km south of Buon Ma Thuot. To see the lake you must get a permit that costs USD 20 for a group of people. It is also possible to sleep in the Ede houses there. In this village, you can take an elephant ride for about three hours around the area.

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