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Vinh Capital of Nghe An Province

Nghe An is a large province in the central part of Vietnam, 291km from Hanoi, 368km from Hue, and 468km from Danang. The annual average temperature varies between 23ºC and 24ºC. Nghe An marks the starting point of the Heritage route in the central part, and the legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail. In addition, it is also the starting point of the tourist route following the east-west corridor, connecting Vinh – Laos – Thailand through Highway No. 8. Nature has endowed Nghe An with beautiful landscapes for tourism development.

Nghe An Highlights:

The native land of President Ho Chi Minh

Location: The native land of President Ho Chi Minh is located in Kim Lien Commune, Nam Dan District, Nghe An Province.
Characteristics: This is the place where President Ho Chi Minh was born and spent his childhood time here.  

 Sen Village (the homeland of Ho Chi Minh’s father)
Starting from Vinh City, take Road No. 49 until the 13th km, then turn into a red earth path lined with eucalyptus and casuarinas trees. The path will lead you to Sen, also known as Kim Lien (Golden Lotus), village where there are many lotus ponds. The thatched cottage where President Ho Chi Minh used to live during his childhood is built from bamboo and wood. It has five compartments. The interior furniture is similar to that of other farmers’ houses: a wooden bed, a bamboo chong (a bamboo bed without raised walls at the two ends), a hammock made from hemp, and an altar. It was built in 1901 with the help and donations of the villagers as a present to Nguyen Sinh Sac, President Ho Chi Minh’s father, when he gained the doctoral title at the court exam, which glorified his village. 

Chua Village (the homeland of Ho Chi Minh’s mother)
Located two kilometers from Sen Village, Chua Village is just as peaceful as any other Vietnamese villages. But it is famous, both domestically and internationally, as President Ho Chi Minh’s maternal homeland and the place where he was born and brought up by his mother.

Walking through a bamboo gate and a path lined with low plums; visitors will see two simple thatched cottages, Ho Chi Minh’s house.  

The Worship House - Mr. Hoang Duong’s House
Mr. Hoang Duong, President Ho Chi Minh’s maternal grandfather, built this simple cottage in 1882 to make it a place for worshipping his paternal grand grandfather, grandfather, and father. The altar is decorated in a simple but solemn fashion. Attractive to visitors is the pair of parallel sentences hung in the front of the house, which praise the family clan’s fame.

The house has five compartments and two lean-tos. Three outer compartments adjoin with the worship house; so it is well ventilated. Mr. Hoang Duong used to teach his students while sitting on the wooden bed placed in the first compartment.

In the second compartment, there is a bamboo sofa and a table where he placed his pen-brushes and ink-slab. He and his students would take a rest on the bed put in the third compartment.The remaining two compartments were used as his wife’s bedroom and the family’s living room.

 Cua Lo Beach
Location: Cua Lo Beach is situated in Cua Lo Town, Nghe An Province.
Characteristics: Cua Lo Beach is one of the nicest beaches in North Vietnam with its white sand and clear blue water.

Cua Lo Beach is located 18km from Vinh. This 10km sandy beach is outlined by pine forests. Not far from the beach are 3 islands: Hon Ngu, Hon Chu, and Hon Mat with natural and primitive landscape which is attractive visitors.
Once in Cua Lo, tourists can visit the islands by boat, climb the mountains, dive, and visit historical and literary sites such as the temple in honor of Nguyen Xi in Nghi Hop Commune, the Trung Kien Pagoda in Nghi Thiet Commune, and the Hoang Van family altar in Cua Lo.
Nowadays in Cua Lo, a number of rest houses and hotels, and the modern services system is constructed to meet the need of the travelers.

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