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To the our beloved readers!

We have asked every travellers to review their holidays and publish them on our website to help potential customers decide on their holidays to Vietnam with us.
We have not edited any comments, It's important that our travellers are able to form their own opinions of a particular Vietnam tour, independently from information given by other sources.
Here in below, are what they wrote about my and our services .
Mr and Mrs  O'Geary - Surrey, UK
Dear Hung
Helen and I would like to thank you so much for your skill and kindness during the ten days you personally guided us through Ha Giang province. It truly was the experience of our travelling days, and there have been many of those!. We loved being some of the first Westerners to travel through this area and your dedication to our wishes (to meet the people and especially the native shaman healers) was superb. Your ability to charm your way into the villagers lives and have us so accepted was humbling...while your excellent English allowed us to chat and discover so much which would have been inaccessible without you.  We will never forget you finding that village funeral  and then us being invited into the celebrations....the only 'foreigners there, eating and drinking totally with the villagers and having such a friendly reception. When the women started comparing Helens white skin to theirs (as they had never met a Westerner before), her initial reaction still makes me laugh remembering. Her face was a picture.!! 
Spending ten days in an area where traditional dress was the norm (especially the women....those colours!!) was an experience I fear will be short lived now, with the rate of progress and the opening up of this remote area to tourism. But great days we will treasure.
So thank you once really are THE BEST.
With affection and all best wishes to you, your wife and family.
Sean O'Geary, Surrey, UK

Mr Paul Strawson - A Professional Photographer.
As you know I have spent some 30 years travelling the world taking commercial photographs and wanted to thank you again for working with us on our latest trip to Vietnam. It was thanks to you that we were able to capture some excellent images - your knowledge of the country, its traditions and the ethnic groups in the border country is superb. Over the years we have been fortunate to work with some excellent guides in various corners of the world and you are among the best that we have ever met. Your professionalism, attention to detail, consideration and charm are truely second to none. If any of your future clients wish to contact me for a personal endorsement I would be very happy.

Mr and Mrs Smith - England    

“On just his impeccable English and constant good cheer alone, Hung Do would have been a first class tour guide. Hung, however offered far more than this. His knowledge about his country was astonishing, but wasn’t simply book-learned. His willingness to discuss Vietnamese life frankly and with a keen, insightful intelligence and tell thought provoking tales from his life made him a cut above the rest. Most of all, his easy way with the Vietnamese people we met along the way, and his desire for us to meet them and learn a little of their lives gave us some memorable moments which would not have been possible without Hung. Our time in Northern Vietnam was all the richer for having Hung along with us.”

Mr Yannis Efraimidis - A keen photographer-

VIETNAM : A new destination has been added at   

Tourist Guides have it that this is the country with the most smiley people in the world.

Moreover, they inform us that its 85 million inhabitants live with 2-3$ a day but are happy, with a high level of education and an effective health system.  

Political Guides, on the other hand, have it that Vietnam is a Communist country that is stepping fast towards the opening if its economy.  

Finally, watches have it that it will take you about 13 hours in the air to get there from Greece!!! 

Whichever the case, this is a country worth visiting; the sooner the better as it still holds on to its traditional identity.  

The nature is still virgin, the floating markets of Mekong river are extraordinary, whereas local tribes in the North and rice fields, still cultivated with a wooden plow and waterbuffalos, are as if taken directly out of history books. Everyone smiles at you and salutes you only because you spent the time and the money to visit them and live with them for a short period of time.  

Your only question at the end of the trip is how these poor but dignified, polite and smiley people bit and get rid of three invader Empires: the Chinese, the British-French and the Americans in just one and a half century!!!

Enjoy your navigation - trip! 


PS: Special thanks to Mr Hung Do

From Mr Henry Tenenbaun who wrote on Trip Advisor

I work hard to find great guides and I struck gold in Hanoi and the ethnic tribal lands of northern Vietnam. 

We were there for a couple of weeks in December, 2010 and arranged with Hung Do (owner of Henri Tours) to handle details. We are usually independent travelers, but in the far northern areas a guide is a virtual necessity because visitors without a permit are not allowed. 

We got so much more than we expected from Hung. He is a young man, his English speech and comprehension is excellent (including idioms and humor which so rarely translate). He handled every aspect of our trip, from airport to train station to hotels, meals and home stay. I am a meddler when it comes to itineraries, and he worked with me on making the advance arrangements that WE wanted, not a routine itinerary. Before we arrived he communicated by Skype, Facebook, text messages and even phone. By the time we got there I felt like we were already friends. 

Hung was knowledgeable, endlessly solicitous and took us to places and events that a tourist would never experience (hint: watch out for the rice wine toasts a a Hmong village wedding). He brought hand-me-down clothing for the village children who have very little income. On his advice, we brought clothing, balloons and pencils which were all wonderfully received. 

I'm rarely this effusive in reviews, but when I find a treasure I believe in sharing it. 

If you have any doubts, feel free to contact me by email at 

From Mr Jorge Macedo

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